MotoMeters… aka HOOD ORNAMENTS

To serve as an indicator of a vehicle’s engine coolant temperature, early automobile companies attached a gauge called a MotoMeter to the top of the radiator, outside of the hood and on top of the grille. Years later the gauge was moved to the dashboard inside the car, but the desire to embellish the hood with ornamentation and decoration had been set. For over 35 years, I have been photographing them. A book is in the planning for this collection of over 300 images.

A View Askew is a term I use for the images I make in the iPhone. The huge advancement over the past decade of all things digital and tech has enticed me to study it and use it in support of my original love, painting. For three decades, I used a 35-mm camera and I produced slides or prints of the images I was drawn to. Beyond documentation, my previous photography had a minimal connection to the paintings. My new iPhone and the apps I have learned to use have given me a freedom I would have never imagined. I produce these images in the phone at the time they were taken, trying to make them look as though they were painted.

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