Notes on Painting

Painting is a private thing and it’s always intimate. It’s a pretty basic act to produce images, to communicate through the use of symbols, whether one chooses recognizable or abstract symbols.

All the best painters are romantics, and painting should be an act of desire. A good painting should have a real mystery behind it. There is a vast history and tradition in painting that needs to be known, but then worked against, torn apart, discarded, maybe even destroyed. Passion and desire can do this. One needs to delve into the unknown, into the inner source and find something inside that needs to get out. That’s what I mean about passion. It is a muse… and one needs to think deeply in an abstracted way to understand this.

Traditional ways of art making need to be challenged. Even the work you did yesterday needs to be challenged, because staying with the same ideas leads to stagnant work.

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